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Monkstadt Steadings Video

Monkstadt Steadings Video

Monkstadt Steadings Cottages

Monkstadt Steadings is made up of seven spacious, individual cottages. Located on the famous Trotternish Peninsula, this is one of the most beautiful spots on the Isle of Skye. Monkstadt Steadings is situated at the end of a quiet road with panoramic sea views out towards the west of the island and the Outer Hebrides.

The buildings were once used as steadings by Monkstadt 1745 – Luxury Lodge. They were redeveloped using the original stonework and still feature a raised circular horse walk which provided the power for the granary mill.

Monkstadt 1745 and the Steadings are steeped in history. There are stories of secret elopements, smugglers, and the hiding of the renegade Bonnie Prince Charlie is linked to Monkstadt and the Steadings. Once the home of the Clan MacDonald, this was also the place where Bonnie Prince Charlie and Flora MacDonald decided to dress Charlie as an Irish maid to escape from the Redcoats.


Bask in luxury in one of our elegant guest rooms at Monkstadt 1745 or Steadings:

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