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Don’t make these 6 mistakes while visiting Isle of Skye

Tuesday October 15th 2019

If you are going on holiday, it is always good to know which classic tourist mistakes to avoid. We hope these tips will be useful on your travels to Skye and will help you get the most of your holidays!


Unsuitable clothes

Have you ever heard “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”? Think of it whilst packing your suitcase and also when starting your day on Skye. Morning sunshine never means a dry day guaranteed, and just because it’s July it doesn’t mean you won’t need a warm clothes! Getting cold or wet can very quickly ruin your day and you’ll need to go back to your accommodation instead of discovering Skye’s beauty.


Sticking to the tourist trails

We’ve noticed a lot of visitors to Skye just drive between the famous places, take a picture or a short walk and continue to the next one. These spots are 100 % worth visit but there is much more to see! Get enticed by an unmarked path, hike to a nearby hill or just wander around. You’ll find many more beautiful, undiscovered spots away from the crowds!


2 days on Skye is enough

This goes hand to hand with the previous one. Don’t consider Isle of Skye a detour on your NC500 trip but make it trip by itself! Of course you can visit Skye just for 2 days but you will see only a little part of what the island has to offer.


Wake up late

I understand that waking up for the sunrise is not for everyone and especially not in the summer months when the sun rises so early. But once you convince yourself to do so it is really rewarding! You will get beautiful views and extra long days – an afternoon nap is not a bad thing either. Enjoy the nice mornings outside and relax inside when the rainy Scottish weather strikes!

The mountains are just for experienced hikers

Do not be mistaken. Although the Cuillins are proper mountains there are some peaks you can hike even without climbing equipment. I don’t mean to wear flip flops but hiking boots and a good jacket will do. You can find useful information about hiking on Skye at If you can’t decide which one to go, one of our favourites is Blaven (Bla Bheinn).


Let the midges to eat you

Didn’t meet the midges yet? They are tiny flying insects and you will be their all-you-can-eat buffet. They are present from late spring to late summer in windless days which is not too often but you can be prepared and repel them using a “Smidge” which is available from outdoor stores.


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